Making debt markets cheaper, faster, and better 

The Problem

Issuing debt can be expensive and complicated. Bond180 simplifies and improves the process for investors and issuers alike

The Solution

Our service gives investors & issuers the control and flexibility they need to optimise their fixed-income needs. Investors get access to quality assets, across the yield curve, directly from issuers, who are offered a new, efficient, and cost-effective funding channel.

Holistic approach

Rather than create a solution that reinforces inefficiencies in the existing issuance process, we aspire to create a customer-centric platform that rethinks the matching and issuance process in one, easy-to-use solution.

Unique mix of experiences

Our team combines extensive technical experience with years of capital markets experience - allowing us to cross pollinate our ideas and knowledge to create a robust product.

Alignment of incentives

By simplifying and streamlining the debt issuance process, we can charge more competitive fees than traditional intermediaries; in turn, we can pass on those savings to our customers.